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Lead Characters in The Sentinel

Detective Jim Ellison

James Joseph Ellison
DOB: 14 June 1962 (date is debatable due to discrepancies in the show)
Height: 6 ft 2 in Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown

A detective in the Major Crimes Department of the Cascade, Washington PD, Jim Ellison is a modern
sentinel, a man with the genetic advantage of heightened senses. With these heightened senses he can
see farther than normal, hear frequencies and decibels that others cannot, taste the slightest amounts
of substances, feel the electrical currents in the air (yes, that is canon) and smell the slightest odors
These senses help him in his work, but they can also be detrimental. (Think about the scents of a city)

Family Background:
Mother: Mary Margaret Ellison (?) whereabouts unknown
very little is known about her or said about her in the show
it is known that she divorced from William Ellison when both boys were very young
mentioned in "Seige".
Father: William Ellison, Cascade, WA
William Ellison is an aging businessman/magnate who is known for his hardline attitude.
He knew about young Jim's sentinel senses early on and encouraged/forced him to repress
so that he would not be labeled a 'freak'. He also pitted his sons again each other in
misguided hope that it would make them stronger.
appeared in "Remembrance", mentioned in "TSbyBS".
Brother: Steven Ellison, Cascade, WA
Steven Ellison is Jim's younger estranged brother. When they meet in "His Brother's Keeper"
they have not spoken in nearly 15 years. Now a successful businessman in his own right, Steven
Ellison seems to want to become, at the least, friends with his older brother.
Cousin: Rucker Ellison, Washington Coast
Rucker seems to be one of the few members of the Ellison family with whom Jim stayed in contact.
A member of the US Coast Guard, he is the keeper of a lighthouse on the Washington coast.
Cousin: Robert Ellison, (?)
I found his name at a couple of sites but haven't been able to place him in either Jim's family
or the show...
Neice: ? Ellison,
Another person, I've found mentioned in several sites but haven't located yet (hey, I still haven't
seen all the eps, yet.)
Military Background:

US Army Special Forces Covert Ops group out of Fort Bragg, NC
MIA Peru 1988 along with 8 man special ops unit. ODA Team 731 was lost when their helicopter went down near the Chopec Pass, Yucayali River, La Montaña Region of Peru. (note, original script places MIA in 1981, notes from Switchman)

Retired from the Army shortly after being rescued from the Chopec Pass by Capt Mathis. Retiring rank, Captain.

Police Background:

March 1991 (est) joined the Cascade PD
1991-1993 Narcotics (?)
1993 Vice (these references are hazy and I'm trying to get better info on them, ie, they are from notes jotted while watching) 1993- present Major Crimes partnered w/Jack Pendergrast 1993-1994; 1995- partnered Blair Sandburg
Badge # 733 *poachers*
Callsign: David 152 *warriors*

Jim sometimes carries a knife in his boot "Poachers"