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Lead Characters in The Sentinel

Blair J Sandburg

Blair Jacob Sandburg
DOB: May 1969 ("Three Point Shot")
Height: 5 ft 7 in (approx)

A brilliant researcher and anthropologist, Blair Sandburg is convinced that Sentinels, people with hyperactive
senses still exist in the modern world. Determined to find and document a living sentinel for his disertation, he
has an extensive collection of material regarding the trials, tribulations and triumphs of sentinels. This research
becomes invaluable when he meets Jim Ellison, one of the few sentinels existing in modern society. His knowledge
and his innovative mind allow him to become Ellison's Guide, the person most necessary to a sentinel. A guide is the
person who keeps the sentinel from becoming lost in his/her senses, giving a focal point or baseline for the use of the
senses. In exchange for being able to gather information on Jim's senses for his diseration, Blair helps the detective
gain control over them. Or at least, that is how it starts.

Mother: Naomi Sandburg no stable location
The quintesential flowerchild, Naomi Sandburg travels the world at her own pace. Not known for staying in any one
for any real length of time, she drifts in and out of Blair's life in Cascade. She is, however, fiercely loyal and
protective of her son. The exact lengths to which this nomad would go for Blair are truly unknown.
Father: unknown
Naomi has either refused to admit that she knows the identity of Blair's father or truly has no idea who he is.
Of course, this has lead to lots of speculation on the part of fandom and the writers of the show. One speculated candidate
is Tom Leary.
Uncle: ?? name not given. Whereabouts, unk.
An uncle? or possible a male friend of Naomi's, with whom Blair spent at least one summer as a teenager. This is the person
who taught him how to drive a big rig.
Cousin: ?? Cascade WA
Bookie who gives tips to Blair.

Entered College at 16 ("Smart Alec") ABD by 25 ("Switchman")
BA: Liberal Arts, Major: Anthropology. Minor: Psychology at Rainier University 1989
MA: Anthropology (1992?) university unknown, possibly Rainier.
PhD: incomplete as of 1999


interior decorating
in "Poachers" he mentions BoyScout fish recipe... inferring possible membership

Known Employment:

Commercial Truck Driver (1 summer at least) "Spare Parts"
Welder at sheet metal plant (2 summers) "Dead Drop"
Teaching Fellow/Teaching Assistant Rainier Uninversity 1995-1999
Observer Cascade PD 1995-1999



spiders ? ("Ice Man", "Smart Alec") (this may be more of a dislike than fear)

Uncover Stints:

"The Debt" as a social worker for DSS
"Cypher" as a mourner at the funeral
"Love & Guns" to get information on the Carasco family
"Ice Man" as Hank to catch Zeller
"Spare Parts" as truck driver

Places Blair has been to/lived: Irian Jaya, Indonesia (3 months w/Kombai) "Love and Guns"
Malaysia "Ice Man"
Kenya (w/Mombatu tribe)
Amazon Basin
New Guinea (?)
Fiji Islands
Sumatra "Ice Man"
Jinhaka Indians (?)

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