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Ronnee's Page of Sentinel People

This is the growing list of all the who are fairly constant in the show.They may not be major characters, but they are definitely not guests eithers. They appear at least once, often more than that. Some are never (rarely?) seen on screen. Right now, I don't have them all listed. If you have any I missed, please let me know.

Carolyn Plummer, Lt.
Introduced in Switchman, Carolyn Plummer is Jim Ellison's ex-wife. She is the lt in charge of Technical Support Services (Switchman). She is also introduced as head of Forensics and the Tech lab(Killers). In Cypher, while she questions Jim's abilities, she accepts them without too many protests. (curious little thing that I noticed, I wonder if she suspected) In both Seige and Night Train, she appears to be good friends with Simon, Joel and even Jim. She works with the Bomb Squad, helping Joel Taggart defuse bombs and handle explosives (Switchman, Rogue). According to the Pilot Script, she is a 3rd generation American of mixed Russian-American and Scottich background. From the first episode and throughout her season with the Sentinel, she is portrayed as making small bets on everything from Jags games (Switchman) to her cousin's wedding (Seige). At the end of the 1st season, Carolyn transfers to the San Fransisco Police Forensics Department. Appearances: Switchman, Seige, Killers,Cypher, Night Train, Rogue.

Captain Joel Taggart
Introduced in Switchman, Joel Taggart was the head of the Cascade PD Bomb Squad. Throughout the show he appears to be a good friend to many people. His friendship with Carolyn Plummer is shown by his calling her Carol(Seige) as well as their ease working with each other around bombs (Switchman, Rogue). His close call with Bracket's trick bomb (Rogue) leads to his loss of confidence and fear of his own job (Black and White). Although he does recover he ends up transferring to the Major Crimes Dept. Appearances: Switchman, Seige, Debt, Rogue, Attraction, Black and White.

Rhonda, last name unknown
Introduced in Seige, Rhonda is Bank's secretary and probably knows everything that goes on in the station. She is rarely seen, but is often either calling Simon or being called by him for information, arranging meetings and various other things. Appearances/mentions: Seige, Night Train,

Joan Banks
First mentioned in Seige, she is Captain Banks' ex-wife. Their divorce was finalized in Night Train. Their divorce is very accrimonious as seen by her refusal to allow Darryl to see his father on Simon's birthday because it wasn't 'his day' to have the teenager().

Darryl banks
Cassie Wells
Serena Chang
Dr. Dan (Black)Wolf
Naomi Sandburg
William E Ellison