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Ronnee's Sentinel Villians Page

Ronnee's Page of Sentinel Villains

This is the growing list of all the bad guys, villains, junior bad guys and wannabes that guest on the show. At this point I'm staying with the canon ones, whether they are in the scripts, transcripts or actually make a splash on the show. Right now, I don't have them all listed. If you have any I missed, please let me know.


season 1 episode 01

Veronica Sarris
Daughter of one of the men on his last mission, Veronica blames Ellison for her father's death. A demolitions specialist, she was discharged from the Navy in 1992 because of mental instability. She became the bomber known as the 'switchman'. At the beginning of the episode it is noted that she has hit 6 targets but only 3 are noted. Post Office in Tacoma, Snohomish bridge and the Puget Sound Ferry. Durring the episode, she destroys an abandoned lumber mill on the outskirts of Cascade and the King Street Station. Incarcerated in an Asylum for the Crimally Insane just outside of Cascade.


season 1 episode 02

The Sunrise Patriots
This group is a radical psuedo-military militia whose leader, Garrett Kincaid, is a known felon and white supremacist. Following their leader's example, members of the group are violent and have little regard for the rights of other people who do not follow their beliefs.

Garret Kincaid
Head of the supremacist group, Sunrise Patriots, Kincaid is a charismatic leader. His message of ethnic cleansing and the retaking of America for and by the 'sons of the true fathers who discovered and colonized this country', has unfortunately created a fanatical following.

Kincaid's lieutenant and right hand man.

Not actually seen, this soldier of the Sunrise Patriots has been convicted for his part in a ferry bombing and is serving a life sentence. It is his sentence, as well as Morrison's, which causes Kincaid's actions in "Siege".

Not actually seen, this soldier of the Sunrise Patriots has been convicted for his part in a ferry bombing and is serving a life sentence. It is his sentence, as well as Alton's, which causes Kincaid's actions in "Siege".

One of the two Sunrise Patriots who disguise themselves as Cascade Police officers to assist in the takeover of the central precinct.

One of the two Sunrise Patriots who disguise themselves as Cascade Police officers to assist in the takeover of the central precinct.

unnamed (anyone know his name?)
Sunrise Patriot who is KO'd by Blair Sandburg using a door in the men's room.

Van Dyke
Sunrise Patriot KO'd by Blair Sandburg with a vending machine in the break room.

Sunrise Patriot who piloted the escape/rescue helicopter.

Sunrise Patriot shot by Simon Banks in the underground garage

unnamed (anyone know his name?)
Sunrise Patriot killed by Jim Ellison in the stairwell

Sunrise Patriot captured by Jim Ellison and Simon Banks on the 4th floor landing of the stairwell.

season 1 episode 03

Dylan and Tommy Juno
A pair of twin hit men who baffle police with their unshakable alibis until their deaths. Born to Sara Juno and an unnamed IRA member in Dungiven, Norther Ireland(1967), the twin boys were raised by their father until his death 1968. (Sara died during their birth). The orphans were adopted by two different families. Once they were reunited, the two moved to the United States and used the identity of Tommy to cover their tracks and provide the perfect alibi for their murders.

Michael 'Mickey' O'Toole
Owner of a freight company who uses strongarm tactics to gain a percentage of his competition's profits. He hires the Juno brothers as well as others to murder and/or intimidate anyone who tries to work against him. He ordered the hit on Danny Choi as well as an unsuccessful hit on Asst. DA Beverley Sanchez. His attempt to have Tommy Juno killed lead to his death at Juno's hands.

2 unnamed gunmen.
These two unidentified gunmen/goons are ordered by O'Toole to kill Tommy Juno. Neither is a match for the Irish hitman even if he is wounded. Both die off screen

The Debt
season 1 episode 04

Leiutenant Williams
Head of the Cascade Police Department's Gang Unit, Williams uses his position to steal crack (ice) and weapons from the evidence lock up, tamper with the control logs, commit murder, frame fellow officers, and other not nice stuff.

Leron Maxwell.
Renegade member of the 357's recruited by Williams to rob his own gang's crack lab... killed 5 fellow gang members in the raid. Killed Deuces leader Antoine Hollins. Killed by Wlliams.

Jason Garvey
Renegade member of the 357's recruited by Williams to rob his own gang's crack lab... killed 5 fellow gang members in the raid. Killed by Wlliams.

John Magnuson
San Francisco drug dealer, known for his ability to slip through without getting caught. Finally arrested in Cascade while buying from Williams.

season 1 episode 05

David Lash
An organized serial killer, Lash escaped from California's Watsonville Mental Hospital in 1994 and began his final killing spree in Cascade. The most notable part of Lash's signature or MO was the tying of a yellow scarf to the bodies left drowned in their own bathtub. The reality of his M.O. was far more complex. Lash studied each of victims, trying to become them. After the death of his victims, but before their deaths were discovered, he used their id's actually convincing others that he actually was. Lash's mistake was to kidnap Blair, which resulted in his death as Jim protected his guide from death at the hands of the serial killer.

Night Train
season 1 episode 06

Derek Wilson
An accountant for Edward Murdock, he skimmed from the real estate mogul's fraudulent insurance claims. When the Feds closed in on Murdock, Wilson turned states evidence in exchange for immunity. To escape Federal Witness Relocation and Murdock's vengance, Wilson hired gunmen to free him.

Edward Murdock
A real estate mogul, Murdock torched his own hotel to get the $20 million in insurance. 17 guests at the hotel died in the fire. He hired hitmen to take out Wilson.

gunman 1
Unnamed gunman who was hired by Murdock to kill Wilson and any cop who got in his way. Shot by Ellison

gunman 2
Unnamed gunman who was hired by Wilson to free him from federal and police custody. Shot by Washington State Police.

Unnamed gunwoman who was hired by Wilson to free him from federal and police custody. Shot by Washington State Police.

season 1 episode 07

Lee Bracket
A highly intelligent, completely immoral mercenary/spy (what would you really call him?) Bracket was the first person to discover Ellison and Sandburg's secret. A graduate from Yale university, he was recruited into the CIA because of his intelligence, his physical prowess (varsity athlete) and his patriotism. According to Jack Kelso's notes, it was a combination of these very things which drove Bracket to become a rogue agent. Known for his ability to plan complex operations, Bracket is among the most dangerous of Ellison's opponents. Although considered ruthless, he has killed at least 1 FBI agent and sold Top Secret urban warfare defense scenarios to outside groups, Bracket only threatens to harm civilians in 'Rogue'. If pushed, it is probable that he will kill civilians to prove his determination, but throughout his stay in Cascade he planned all of his operations with as little danger to the civilian population as possible.
He was the debriefing officer for the Special Ops Team that brought Jim out of the Peru rain forest. He noted the descriptions of Jim's sensory hallucinations in the debriefing reports and marked Ellison as someone he needed watch. After he read one of Sandburg's undergraduate papers on Sentinels, he realized the implications of Ellison's abilities. Bracket was the first to mention the need for a guide. In Cascade, he used the threat of Ebola exposure to force the Sentinel and Guide to assist him in obtaining the AVCX prototype airplane.

Love and Guns
season 1 episode 08

Armando Escalosa
Ex-caretaker of the Carasco estate, he was supposedly fired for theft of a few pieces of jewelry. He sold US military hardware and armaments (possibly skimmed from Carasco's stockpile) to local Cascade hoods. He was executed with a 9mm round, probably in an attempt to keep the local police from investigating Carasco.

Hector Carasco
Chilean expatriot with a closed and sealed Federal file. He was a gun dealer who sold US military equipment to the highest bidder. He ordered the torture and murder of Sal (Ellison's informant) and probably that of others. Raised orchids and collected South American art.
Real name: Julio Escoban. Worked as a Contras gun runner for the CIA and the Treasury Department.

Blanca, last name unknown
Acting as maid and housekeeper for the Carasco estate, she weilded a machine pistol against the police. Shot Agent Drennan. Shot by Ellison.

Vargas, first name unknown
Chief hachet man for Carasco, he has been with him the longest. He is the one who tortured and killed Sal. He admitted that he killed Maya Carasco's mother (Hector's wife). He would do anything to protect Hector Carasco, including lie to the man. He attempts to kill Maya and Blair. Killed by Jim.

Yakuza kingpin who is buying guns from Carasco. Threatens to destroy Carasco if the guns are not delivered as promised. Carasco actually seems to be worried about his threat.

season 1 episode 09

Laura McCarthy
Mysterious woman whose pheromones drive Jim Ellison to completely instinctual behavior. A member of group pulling the gem heists, part of her job is to distract Ellison from his investigation. She was the one who blew the safes at the gem heists. She claims to have been Bruce McCarthy's wife, but the marriage was not legal.
Real Name: Jane Cunningham. She lived with a circus pyrotechnical specialist from whom she learned explosives. She blew up her own Porsche to kill Bruce McCarthy and Callie for their shares of the gems. She tried to bribe Jim into letting her go free.

Bruce McCarthy
Laura's ex (husband? lover?), he was a member of the gem heist gang that specialized in robbing loose cut gem collections with a value of over $100,000 that were in hard to reach locations. The group used a technique they specialized as a circus highwire act. When known as the Flying Sullivans, they would form a ball and swing through plates of industrial strength glass. He ordered Laura to seduce and distract Ellison.

Ted McCarthy
Bruce's brother and another member of the original Flying Sullivans. He did not approve of his brother sending Laura after Ellison. He was convinced that she would betray them for money or her own freedom. He planned to get rid of Bruce and Laura and may have planned to kill Callie too.

Vows of Silence
season 1 episode 10

hitman, unnamed
His real name is never given, instead he takes Brother Anthony's identity after killing the monk in a bus station. He was hired to hunt down Jackie Kozinski. He killed three monks in the attempt.

mob boss, unnamed
This mob boss' name was not given in the show. He hired the hitman to hunt down and kill Jackie Kozinski. He had no problem with the idea of the hitman killing all of the monks at St. Sebastian's just to make sure that Kozinski died.

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