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Summary: this is the frantic Jim story, as opposed to my BPP episode which is becoming the frustrated Jim story...  Jim receives some welcome news, but only after a bit of panic.  Okay, a lot of panic... <g  Angsty Jim abounds.



Thanks to:


All the writers and readers who believe that OFC, heck OC, are a good thing.


A big thanks to my betas Claire, Ronnee, TAE and Wnnepooh.  Thanks ladies.  Your input made this a better story.  Any mistakes that remain are mine and mine alone.  What can I say, I can be rather stubborn about some things....  Okay, just about everything.... <g


Hey Ronnee, I think this one’s your fault.... <g  (It’s either that or the allergic reaction I had while I was in California...  Nah, I think I’ll blame this one on you... <eg)  Thanks for starting this thread and letting me play in your world.




The biggest warning/ disclaimer of all....  There’s an OFC here.  You are forewarned.


This is part of a continuing thread.  It is a sequel to several stories I have in progress, including one entitled Out of Darkness Into Light, and a set entitled If Only.  As well as several that are patiently waiting to be written.  (I’ll get there eventually, but they keep getting pushed to the back burner so be patient with me.  Encouragement helps though... <grin>  Lila, put that stick away...)  And why is it I can name things that aren’t finished, but I have problems with the finished ones?


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Toni Rae

November 2000



Detective James Ellison, Sentinel of the Great City, looked up suddenly from the pile of paperwork he was currently relegated to finishing.


Rapidly his eyes scanned the room for his partner, best friend and Shaman of the Great City, better known as Blair Sandburg.  Not finding the object of his sudden, almost frantic attention, he directed his senses throughout the building.


Quickly his hearing latched on to the familiar voice, talking a mile a minute to Rhonda, Simon’s office assistant, as they both got their second cup of morning coffee.


Finding Blair did not serve to reassure the jumpy detective.  Scanning the rest of the station, Jim again failed to find the source of his irritation.  In a last ditch effort, he turned his senses inward, seeking reassurance that the bonds to his family remained intact.


On instinct, he reached for the phone.  Rapidly punching the familiar numbers, he silently pleaded for the person on the other end to pick up.  His request ignored, Ellison slammed the phone down in frustration just as the answering machine kicked on.




Rising hastily, he grabbed his jacket off the coat rack behind his chair and haded for the door.  Just as he moved to open it, his partner beat him to it from the other side.


“Whoa, man.  Where’re you going in such a hurry?”  Blair muttered as he attempted to keep his coffee cup in an upright position.


“Something’s wrong with Kathleen.”  Jim tried not to vent his agitation on his partner, and failed miserably.


The Guide in Blair recognized the Sentinel’s distress and spoke in reassuring tones.  “How do you know?  Oh never mind.  I’m going with you, man.  Just let me grab my coat.”


“Meet me by the elevator.”  Jim growled impatiently.




She gently lathered soap through her long strawberry-blonde tresses.  At the same time, the warm water from the shower sluiced soap gently down her body.  Without warning a wave of dizziness assailed her.  Before it could pass, she lay in a heap on the shower floor.



“Kathleen!”  Jim burst frantically through the front door of the loft.  Not waiting for an answer he ran quickly upstairs to the loft’s bedroom.


Still recovering from the pell-mell ride from the station to the loft, Blair followed his friend at a less frantic pace.  He entered the loft just as Jim reached the bedroom.


Frantic and afraid, Jim bolted back down the steps.


Blair reached the bottom of the stairs at the same time as Jim.  Placing one hand on his friend’s shoulder, he attempted to calm the older man.


“Come on man.  Slow down.”  Blair attempted to forcibly restrain his larger friend.


“I have to find her...”  The frantic tone of Jim’s voice matched the look in his eyes.


“I know.”  Blair tried soothing his friend with his Guide voice.  “Look around.  Listen.  Anything out of place?”


Two seconds later, Jim broke away and raced for the bathroom.


Blair was right on his heels.


Jim threw open the shower curtain to reveal his wife’s crumpled form, the formerly hot water now ice cold.


“Chief!  Call 911.”  Jim frantically turned off the shower, as he dropped to his knees next to the bathtub.  His hand paused in mid-air over her still form.  The husband in him warring with his medic’s training.


Moments later, Blair returned – the cordless phone in his hand.  Blair turned half his attention from the phone to Jim.


Hearing the Guide’s murmured words to the dispatcher, the Sentinel looked up beseechingly.


Phone call finished, Blair handed Jim a large, soft, white, bath-towel from the shelf behind him.  “You can tell she’s still breathing, and her heart’s beating, right?”  He instinctively guided the other man in the use of his senses to assess the situation, knowing the older man needed the reassurance only his senses could provide.


Jim nodded as he moved one hand to rest on his wife’s still form, after gently covering her with the towel.  “But something’s wrong.  It’s out of sync.”


“What do you mean?”


“It’s beating out of its normal rhythm.”

“Okay.  Can you feel if she broke anything when she fell?”  Blair decided to give his friend something else to do instead of dwelling on the irregular heartbeat.


Carefully Jim ran his sensitive fingers over his wife’s legs.  Nodding, he moved to her lower back and finally her neck and spine.  Not finding anything serious he breathed a large sigh of relief. 


Picking up on the unspoken relief in his friend, Blair breathed his own sigh of relief.  “Nothing broken?”


“No.  I think she just hit her head.”


At this point a loud knock reverberated throughout the loft. 


“Must be the paramedics.”  Blair looked at his friend, knowing no force on earth was going to pry Jim away from the unconscious woman in front of him.


Jim nodded his acknowledgment, and thanks.


Moments later, two paramedics rushed into the small bathroom, and succeeded in dislodging Jim from his spot in front of the bathtub.  Still, he refused to leave and merely moved to sit on the commode, keeping one hand on his wife the entire time.


With practiced efficiency, the paramedics quickly assessed the unconscious woman’s condition, inserted an IV, and gently lifted her from the tub and onto a Gurney.


“Sir,” the older of the two men turned to Jim.  “You’re going to have to let her go so we can take her to the hospital.


“I’m going with her.”  Jim’s tone of voice booked little doubt as to his intentions.


“Fine.  But you have to let go long enough for us get outside.  All three of us won’t fit through the doorway at the same time.”  He’d dealt with the large detective before, but then it had involved the smaller man standing behind them.  Under no circumstances did Ellison leave those under his protection alone.  A trait the paramedic found slightly endearing.


“Okay.”  Jim acquiesced.


That matter taken care of, the paramedics moved down the narrow hall, Jim and Blair trailing behind.


As the ragtag party reached the elevator they found a woman stepping into the hallway.  Taking one look at the group, the pretty brunette, quickly assessed the situation.  “What happened?”  She asked urgently.


“Ellie.”  Blair’s voice lacked some of its usual luster.  Needing the reassurance of his wife’s lively form, he reached over and pulled her into a reassuring embrace, grateful for her sudden appearance..  “We’re not sure.  Kit fell in the shower.  We think she hit her head.”


As the two stood talking, the paramedics and Jim had taken the elevator down to the ground floor.


Quickly, they engaged the necessary locks on the loft door, before racing down the stairs.  Moments later they were following the speeding ambulance down Cascade’s city streets.




Upon reaching the hospital, Blair and Ellie easily parked and make their way to the Emergency entrance.  There, they found Jim pacing the waiting room, driving both the nurses at the desk and the other patients nuts.


“Jim, man.  Talk to me.”  Blair stepped in front of his pacing partner.


“I can’t loose her.”  Jim turned to his friend.


“I know.  Have they told you anything?”  Blair tried to act rationally in the face of his frantic Sentinel.


“No.  They kicked me out as soon as we got here.  They won’t tell me anything.”


“Have you tried listening?”  Sandburg offered a practical solution to the problem.


A look of awareness came to Jim’s eyes.  Several moments passed, before a smile graced the Sentinel’s face.


“What?”  Ellie interjected, no longer content to allow her husband to take the lead in the situation.


“She’s awake.”  The smile remained and a look of contentment reached Ellison’s eyes.


“Oh good.”  Ellie and Blair breathed tandem sighs of relief.


Now that he knew his wife was awake, Jim was no long content to remain in the waiting room.  Following the sound of her voice, he moved to the curtained rooms of the ER.


Relieved, Ellie and Blair sank down into a pair of waiting room chairs situated behind them.




Disregarding protocol, Jim burst into the curtained area that hid his wife.  Ignoring the doctor standing at her feet, he moved to the head of the bed and placed a hand on her arm.  Jim leaned down to kiss her gently, all the while assuring himself she was okay.

Recognizing his need for security, Kathleen placed her hand atop his and gently squeezed.  Softly, she whispered, “I’m okay.”


Not wanting to interrupt the touching scene before him, nevertheless needing to, the doctor gently cleared his throat.


“Sorry.”  Jim looked to the man standing at the foot of the bed.  Now that his fears had been assuaged, he began to regain awareness of the events and people around him.


“Not a problem.  You must be Mr. Ellison.  I’m Doctor Mallory.” 


“Yes.  What happened to my wife?”  Jim dispensed with the formalities, still primarily focused on the woman now in his arms.


“She fainted.”  Doctor Mallory continued.  “And she hit her head as she fell.  She’s currently suffering a mild concussion.  She’ll have to be watched very closely for the next couple of days.  Which I can see will not be a problem.”  He smiled at the couple.


“Why?  I mean, why did she faint?”  The detective in Jim continued to press for answers.


“Well, on that note, I have some hopefully good news.  Congratulations, Mrs. Ellison, you’re pregnant.”


Stunned silence from both other occupants in the room greeted his statement. 


Jim was suddenly grateful for the well-placed chair at the side of the bed, it kept him from landing on the floor when his knees gave way.


“Pregnant?”  Jim repeated softly, his eyes now the size of saucers.  “Are you sure?”  He turned to the doctor.  I can’t afford to get my hopes up.


“Positive.  Her blood test proves it.  I suspect that the increased hormones in her blood stream, combined with not eating,” he looked at Kathleen sternly, “caused her to pass out.”


“I’m pregnant?”  Kathleen finally found her voice.  “I’m pregnant,” she repeated, this time with more confidence in her voice.


“Start eating regularly, and see your obstetrician, you should be just fine.  And in about seven months you can look forward to not sleeping for the next eighteen years.  If you don’t have an OB, there are several good ones here at the hospital.  I’d be happy to recommend one.”


“Thank you, Doctor.”  Jim stood to shake hands with the other man.


“You’re welcome.”  Doctor Mallory smiled, realizing this was welcome news for the couple.  “Is there anyone in the waiting room you’d like me to send in?”  He asked, as he prepared to leave.

“Yeah.  My partner is sitting in the waiting room.”  The doctor’s eyebrows rose slightly at Jim’s statement.  “His name’s Blair.  His wife’s with him.”  Jim was still too caught up in the news to give much thought to coherent sentences.


“I’ll send them in.” 


The doctor’s last sentence went unheard, as both Jim and Kathleen had turned their attentions entirely to each other. 


“This explains why your heartbeat sounded funny.”  Jim rested his hand lightly on her belly.  “I must have been hearing the baby too.”  Jim’s voice held a note of awe.


“Her.”  Kathleen softly added.




“Something tells me this one’s a girl.”


“Are you sure you’re okay with this?”  Jim had to ask the question.  The issue of children always made him nervous.  Granted he wanted to be a father more than anything.  Kathleen always insisted she wanted to have kids, but that’s what Carolyn had said in the early days of their marriage, too.


“It’s more than okay.”  Kathleen smiled and placed her hand over her husband’s.  “It’s perfect.”


A moment of silent communication passed between them, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Blair and Ellie.


“So is everything okay?”  Blair asked quickly.


“Everything’s perfect.”  Jim smiled at his wife.  Turning to Blair and Ellie he continued, “so, what do you think about being an aunt and uncle?”


“An aunt?”


“An uncle?”