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Ronnee's Sentinel Victims Page

Ronnee's Page of Sentinel Victims

This is my growing list of all the victims on the show. I'm planning on having every single person murdered or found dead on the show (no, I don't mean the folks who die committing crimes)This is not going to include any other guests, just those who died to make the eps work. (doesn't that sound kind of tacky and morbid?) If you have any I missed, please let me know.


season 1 episode 01

No names are given of the victims of the Switchman bombings. At the beginning of the episode it is mentioned that 8 have been killed and 21 wounded in the attacks. There is no mention of how many died or were wounded by the blast at the train station. I noticed at least three police officers down, presumably wounded right after the explosion scene.


season 1 episode 02

None of the people who die in this episode are named. However, it is known that 2 patrolmen are killed before the show begins and at least four communications officers die during the takeover of the building. Kincaid tells Captain Banks that 6 have died, this may mean that 6 died in total or 6 died during the takeover making it a grand total of 8 dead.


season 1 episode 03

Officer Daniel Choi
An undercover officer in the O'toole crime organization, Officer Choi dies early in the show. When Jim Ellison first joined the Cascade PD, he mentored a teen Choi. When Choi decided to become a police officer, Ellison helped him into and through the academy. Ellison was Choi's outside contact while he was undercover. He died in Ellison's arms at one of their meetings. Killed by the Juno Brothers.

The Debt
season 1 episode 04


Antoine Hollins
Leader of the Dueces, he was murdered by Levon Maxwell in an attempt to start a war between the 357's and the Dueces. A long time friend of Earl Gaines, he straightened Gaines out when he first returned to the streets after blowing out his knee play pro football. He encouraged Gaines to join the Cascade PD. He was instrumental in keeping the gang truce alive.
Maurice Brown
member of the 357's, killed by renegade under Lt.Williams' orders at crack lab.
Eldridge Wardell
member of the 357's, killed by renegade under Lt.Williams' orders at crack lab.
Byron Walker
member of the 357's, killed by renegade under Lt.Williams' orders at crack lab.
Darnell DeVane
member of the 357's, killed by renegade under Lt.Williams' orders at crack lab.
Vernon Summs
member of the 357's, killed by renegade under Lt.Williams' orders at crack lab.
season 1 episode 05

Adam Walker
A 36 year old handicapped drug dealer with a well established drug rap sheet, he was Lash's first victim in Cascade.

Billy Bright
A 20 year old underground musician, he was Lash's second victim in Cascade. He played drums in a band that frequented Club Doom.

Susan Frasier
A young woman whose death confirms to the Cascade PD that they have a serial killer in the area. She was Lash's third victim. According to forensics she was dead 12 hours before her 911 call was made. The discovery of her body gave Blair flashbacks.

Dr. Anthony Bates
A profiler and criminal forensic psychiatrist for the San Francisco division of the FBI, he was Lash's case psychiatrist at Watsonville. He was Lash's fourth victim in Cascade.

Night Train
season 1 episode 06

None are listed, but it is mentioned the 17 people died in a hotel fire set by Edward Murdock for insurance scam.

season 1 episode 07

No deaths in this episode, although it is mentioned that Bracket killed an undercover FBI agent while trying to sell Top Secret urban warfare senarios.

Love and Guns
season 1 episode 08

Sal, last name unknown
One of Jim's steadier informants. He was encouraged by Agent Brennan's overly generous cash incentive to push too hard for information about the Carasco gunrunning scheme. He was killed by Vargas under Carasco's orders.

season 1 episode 09

Callie, last name unknown
She was involved with Bruce McCarthy. Hostess of Chatfields Restaurant. I'm unsure if Callie was a true victim or not. It is not clear whether or not she knew about the actions of the McCarthy family. I consider her a victim because no one deserves to get blown up by their lover's jealous ex.

Unnamed security guard
Never given a name during the ep, this security guard died in the fire that resulted from a heist of over $1 million in cut gems. The McCarthy brothers believed that his death was due to Laura's incompetence. Maybe it was accidental.

Vows of Silence
season 1 episode 10

Brother Anthony
The real Brother Anthony, an ex-varsity basketball player from Indiana was killed by the mob hitman before his arrival at St. Sebastian's.

Brother Timothy
Youngest of the monks at St. Sebastian's, he was murdered by the mob hitman. He was under a vow of silence.

Brother Christopher
Monk who drove the bus to and from St. Sebastian's, he wanted to be a mystery writer. Before becoming a monk he was a life insurance salesman. Due to his curiosity, he was the mob hitman's third victim.

That's all of the victims from season one. Victims from Season 2 and 3 aren't up yet.

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