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Ronnee's Sentinel Guests Page 2

Ronnee's Page of Sentinel Guests for Season 2

This is the growing list of all the visitors, guests, and other folks who show up on the Sentinel. At this point I'm staying with the canon ones, whether they are in the scripts, transcripts or actually make a splash on the show. Victims are also listed here, but it may be easier for you to just go to my Victims pages. Right now, I don't have them all listed. If you know of any I missed, please let me know.

season 2 episode 01

Dr. Eli Stoddard
Ph.D. of Anthropology, one of the foremost anthropologisys. He is one of Blair's mentors. He invites Blair to join him on a 1 year expedition to do feild research in Borneo.Office phone # 555 4678.

Captain Ernesto Sandoval
Captain in the Lima Peru police department, liason with the anti-narcotics conferencee. He also seems to be a friend of Simon's. After the disappearance of Simon and Darryl, he helps Jim get to the Almaguas Valley region.

Vasquezno first name given
Pilot and knock off smuggler for Central and South America. He is encouraged (in exchange for leniency) by Sandoval to fly Jim and Blair out to the Almaguas Valley to rescue Simon.

Kimberley Ashe
Botnist from UCLA studying medicinal plants of the Peruvian rain forest. She KO's Jim thinking he is one of the mercenaries working for Reischer. She single handedly protected and hid the local tribe's children until Jim and Blair's arrival.

Out of the Past
season 2 episode 02

prisoner, unnamed
Unnamed prisoner whose leg is broken when a prison transport van wrecks. His injury traps him inside the van when Weston sets it on fire.

Mosley, first name unknown.
Guard riding shotgun in the transport van. He is unconcious when Weston steals his keys and sets the van on fire.

guard/driver, name not given
Guard driving the inmate van, knocked unconscious by the accident. Still out cold when Weston sets the van on fire.

Andy, last name unknown
Ex-Marine with a black belt in Karate. He is the security guard at Angie Ferris' high rise building. Killed by Weston.

Deep Water
season 2 episode 03

season 2 episode 04

season 2 episode 05

True Crime
season 2 episode 06

season 2 episode 07

The Rig
season 2 episode 08

Spare Parts
season 2 episode 09

Second Chance
season 2 episode 10

Black or White
season 2 episode 11

Blind Man's Bluff
season 2 episode 12

Hear No Evil
season 2 episode 13

Light My Fire
season 2 episode 14

season 2 episode 15

Dead Drop
season 2 episode 16

Red Dust
season 2 episode 17

Smart Alec
season 2 episode 18

Private Eyes
season 2 episode 19

Vanishing Act
season 2 episode 20

Pennies from Heaven
season 2 episode 21

season 2 episode 22

His Brother's Keeper
season 2 episode 23

Sleeping Beauty
season 2 episode 24

This is still incomplete. Please be patient with me. I will get it done eventially.

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