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The Protests. My first fanfic. Set immediately after TSbyBS. Contains spoilers. May1999

Moving Day. A response to the CascadeTimes MIA bracelet Challenge. June 1999.

Buried Treasure: Kincaid's men want him freed and they go to dire lengths to free him. July 1999

Hot Spot. What happens when Jim and Blair go camping during Spring Break? A response to Suzie's challenge Page. 28 July 1999

Memories and Memorabilia. Blair's memories of the loft don't match what he finds there. Note: I have been told this needs a warning... please supply your own hankies or tissues. ANGST.  04Oct1999

The Picnic. A quiet day in the life of the Cascade PD. Smarm. 13Nov1999

Neighbors. A short piece set after TSbyBS. Some spoilers. 28Nov1999

Rafe's Tale. A story about Rafe for LucyHale. Written Nov 1999. Revised Dec 1999. Angst. Drama. SA Themefic/gift fic.

Kidnapped. A very short piece, more of a snippet. No real plot. Humor? 22 Dec 1999.

Thoughts Upon the Year 2000. A response to Dawn C's request for Y2K stuff. SA Themefic. 31 Jan 2000

Walking Through the Fires. For those people who asked so very nicely, here is JIM's POV on what happened during Memories & Memorabilia. Drama/Angst. March2000

Conversations in Cascade: The first of the Envelope Series.  Blair and Henri go to an FBI special convention in Washington  DC and guess who shows up to play? Originally posted to SA Sept 1999. Revised 05Apr2000. Series.

Missing. The second of the Envelope Series. Everyone wanted information about that envelope. And what happened to Naomi? Originally posted to SA Nov1999. Revised 24 July 2000. series.

Cascade Escapades. Part 3 of the Envelope Series. How far will Bracket and Krycek go to get Blair? Posted to SA Feb 2000. Revised 16 Sep 2000.

The Envelope. Part 4 of the Envelope Series. Exactly what was Naomi hiding from Blair for so long? Answers, well some of them anyway. Posted to SA Apr2000. Revised 16 Sept 2000.

Cascade Telephone Exchange. Part 5  of the Envelope series. Cascade is on the phone plotting or acting on the information that Naomi's letters have been found. Posted SA July 2000. Revised 16 Sept 2000.

Cascade Meetings. Part 6 of the Envelope Series. Everyone comes to Cascade to get the answers. Nothing is sacred in the race for information. Posted SA Nov 2000. Revised Dec 2000

Passing Time. Wolfshy's SA Themefic and Sarah'a request for Blair Owies with Rafe on the side. July 2000. h/c

RedVisions. My original TS fic. Done (thank you LORD!) Beta'd even. When Sentinel and Guide share visions, disaster stalks Cascade. 24 July 2000. Revised Sep 2000. drama/horror

A Decision Made. A short little piece about the past and Jim's spirit guide. Posted SA Jan 2001

Introspection. Someone asked for Henri fic, I don't remember who and it was before my last computer died (Sept/Oct 2000). Well, here it is. 14 Jan 2001.

Thoughts: A Ramble at Night.  Jim's rambling thoughts as he contemplates his senses while doing strenous exercise. Dues for SentinelAngst. 27 Mar 2001

Flight: A Missing Scene.  Yes, I promised myself no missing scenes, but this one begged for it. Jim and Blair prepare to leave for Peru. (Warning: Spoilers.) SA. 27 March 2001

Favors, Past Due.  A cross-over fic between The Sentinel and Mag7 ATF.  Blair and Rafe go missing, but Jim is hurt too badly to rescue them so he calls in a pair of old favors.  SA Dues, late. 13 Jun 2001.

Sleeping Observations.  Toni Rae asked for a fic, and it won't write.  But this did and so, I dedicate it to her (she knows why too!)  Blair watches a sleeping sentinel. The end is a bit of surprise (G). SA dues, early.  06 July 2001

Fireworks.  Its the holiday and the sentinel and guide and all of Major Crimes has to deal with it.  PG. SA.  11 July 2001

The Storm: a long Piece that has been driving me and my betas nuts. It explains Fortaleza. It also, hopefully answers all the neat questions you sent me about Protests, Moving Day,  Buried Treasure, et cetera (yes it is a prequel) **In Progress** And the progress is slow folks...

Coming... someday?

Newcomers... help... I lost my addies to the folks who sent me characters... contact me if you did.  Ronnee

Past Memories (Charon... why did you wake that bunnie?)

Academy Blues... (.. It is going to get finished... I hope)

:-) those are the promised ones. The rest will show up when I get a chance. LOL