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Warning: I do not pretend to be very knowledgable about World War II.  I have the general stuff from my high school and university classes.  To this I've added the books recommended to me by my readers... World War II by C.L.Sulzberger, Undercover Tales of World War II by William B Breuer, I Will Bear Witness by Victor Klemperer, Fighting in Hell: The German Ordeal on the Western Front by Peter S. Tsouras, Final Soloution by Gotz Aly.  There is also a large stack of recommended books on the floor by my desk that I haven't gotten a chance to read.  All errors are mine!  None of the people portrayed in the short peices are real or based off of real people

During World War II one of the most devasting aspects of the fighting that encompassed Europe was the inclusion everyone from every walk of life into battle fields. Old and young, rich and poor, ill and healthy, male and female they were all called to fight for their lives, their beliefs, their right exist.  

The Little Warrior Series:

Little Warrior:   The first mission Ilya ever accepts.  13 April 2000

Trials. The journey towards becoming an U.N.C.L.E. agent begins with a trip   in the woods. 19 April 2000.

Night Travels.   Even when very young, Illya has a reputation for his abilities... both the scholarly and fighting abilities. 03 May 2000

Arrival.  Illya goes on his first undercover assignment.  03 May 2000.

School Daze.   Illya's undercover role gets more dangerous.  24 July 2000

Final Exams.  Illya proves himself to the Resistance and to the Germans, but at what cost? August 2000

The Little Spy Series.  Napoleon's story

Little Spy.  The first mission Napoleon ever accepts. 14 April 2000.

Tribulations.  How old did you think Napoleon Solo was when he first met the other members of U.N.C.L.E.? 19 April 2000.

A Journey by Night.  Napoleon travels from Italy to the safety of the Atlantic.  But how safe is a journey in December 1941? 03 May 2000.

America.  Napoleon and his first view of New York City.  03 May 2000.

Boarding School.Napoleon's introduction to the finer points of school during the War. 24 July 2000.

Oral Exams. as soon as I get it typed up.