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Missing: One Agent, Slightly Used.  My first fanfic in the M7 ATF world and one Maggie
kindly allowed into the Virtual Season. Ezra is missing and the rest of the team has
to find him before he dies..

Winter Wonderland.  JD and Vin in the Colorado Rockies in winter, that should make
for a wonderful time, shouldn't it? Not for these two ATF agents. (Another VS

A Winter Wonderland, pt 2. JD explains to Chris what really happened
in the last episode. (You begged for it and you got it folks) (Another VS episode)

Favors, Past Due.  A cross-over fic between The Sentinel and Mag7 ATF.  The Vin and Ezra are working undercover in Cascade and are asked to repay an old favor to an old friend.