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Welcome to Lila's Corner of the world. Here, when she lets me I keep her
fanfiction.  Slowly but surely if you help convince her to write more, I'll build
a nice full page of her stuff.  (and it is working... keep up the good work)

Lost and Alone: A Sentinel's greatest fear is to be lost and alone without his
Guide. 04 Jan 99

All the King's Horses and All the King's Men. If a Sentinel's greatest fear is to
be without his Guide, what would be his best friend's fear? Simon Banks'
response to Lost&Alone.  26 Feb 99.

Study Break: It's FINALS Week and Jim arranges for a study break. 11
Mar 2000.

Commercial Break: Have you seen the 'Sentinel' commercial? What would
be Jim and Blair'r reaction to that?  April 2000

A Senseless Education: It started as a challenge and a laugh, let's not
forget the absolute hilarity of the list which bred this gem. (Lila is the
ultimate culprit though) 06 Nov 2000

The Game: The detectives of Major Crimes have devised a little game for
the sentinel and his guide. Guess who wins? Nope... it's a surprise. 20
Nov 2000

A Shopping Trip:  A little drabble about shopping with Jim and Blair. 20
Nov 2000

Muppets In Cascade: A lark of a story, filled with laughs, car chases,
squeals, barks, muppets, and of course our favorite Sentinel and Guide.
Warnings: Don't drink with this one, your computer will NOT like the
result. ;0) 22 Feb 2001

Commercial Break 2: Remember that Sentinel commercial? Well, Simon
just saw it, after a long hard week at work.  Serious fun and laughter.  02
May 2001