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Toni Rae's Fic
This lady was the first person to ask me for a home. She's also the beta who has managed to survive everything I give her -- grief, fic, angst, fun. :-)

Here are TR's fan fics.  If you like them, please let her know.  Encouragement leads to more fic and that is better for the reader!

  Miracle Ball: Jim and Blair have to perform for the mayor, whether they like it or not. 30 Oct  1999

  The List:  Jim reflects on what he's done with Blair's rent money over the past three years. 28 Nov.

  An Unspoken Understanding: The companion piece to The List.  Blair's reaction to Jim's announcement
                     regarding the rent money over the past few years. 02 Jan 2000

   The Domino Effect: Jim and Blair go to interview a witness and something interesting happens to Jim.
                   **Please read the warning just in case.** 18 April 2000

   Traditions: A grandpa Ellison story, sort of. Maybe more of a William story.  Well, let's just say this is a story
                       of Jim and Steven's childhood. 12 July 2000.

    Revelations: New developments in Jim's sensory awareness.   Warning: OC's are in this fic. If you don't
                        like them, don't read it. Aug 2000.

    In the Cards: A friendly little game of cards at the Loft. 14 Dec 2000.

        If Only: A triptych on the meaning of life, the possible future, and the impact on their partnership. Jan 2001.
                  If Only Longing:  Blair           If Only Forever: Jim             If Only Fear: Kathleen    

    The Bonds of Friendship: The forging of a friendship. Warning: OC's are the main characters here.  Jan                                  

     How Not to Be a Squeaky Toy (or the Husband Syndrome): Very light fare, but fun. It has become a   
                         tradition in the Ellison household to protest this one little phrase. Why? Well, it reminds me of a  
                         squeaky toy! :-) Warning: OC's. 02 March 2001

     Meltdown. Toni Rae's Sentinel Virtual Season ep. (split into two
          episodes). Jim and Blair investigate a murder and some more of
         those repressed Sentinel memories. The results may surprise you.
         Mar 2001