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Blessings: A response to the "Things You'd Love To Say At Work Challenge". And
an interesting one too! ;-)

Sub Text:  Jim's thoughts during "Flight". Short, sweet, and pointedly sharp (at
least to my mind... but then again, I'm not always on the same
wavelength as other folks. Dated August 1997.

And here we have the lone Due South fic of the website.  ::sigh:: If only I knew more about it I might try to write some too.  It's a nice piece though, maybe it will encourage one of y'all.

Requiem:  A nice, angsty piece with lots of twists and ins and outs. Vecchio and
Fraser and Vecchio. Does that make sense?      Remember, I don't
happen to be a regular. But, hey, now I'm definitely starting to become
one. Dated 1996.