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Due South
One of these days someone will give me some Due South Pics.  Until then, this site is pictureless. ::sigh::

Due South... what is Due South, you ask?

It all began when a Canadian Mountie, Benton Fraser, RCMP, began chasing the murderers of his father.  Through a long and involved chase, he went from the Northern Territories, down and across Canada, over the US-Canadian border and into Chicago, Ill.  There he, with the help of his deaf wolf (yes, Deiffenbacher is deaf) and his new found friend, Ray Veccio, he brought the killers to justice.  Unfortunately for him, the killers were highly placed, well respected men in the RCMP and the government ... so he ended up staying in Chicago.

(I think that's the story... never got to see the beginning of the show).

To make things real fun, Ray Veccio goes undercover at the beginning of season three and another cop is sent to work in his place.  Now, no one told Benton (he was on vacation when it happened) about the change.  Oh, who covered for the original Ray? A nice young officer by the name of Ray Stanley Kowalski.  To make life even better? Ray Veccio is Italian (large family, possible mob connections -- at least his family has them) and Ray Kowalski is Polish.  Kowalski is a loner.  Veccio's family is his world (or he is their world).  Kowalski is an introvert.  Veccio is an extrovert.  

And you know what... in a real wierd way... it works.