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Ronnee's Page Sentinel Facts and Folks

What is this page?
This is where I plan on listing all the neat people, locations and bits of information that I find as I read through all the
transcripts and such. Generally, a list of who is who in each episode. What happened where. Stuff like that. If I goof,
please tell me (like you wouldn't)

                                 Episodes I've gotten

101 The Switchman (Pilot) *
102 Seige *
201 Flight
222 Survival
301 Warriors *
304 Poachers
308 Storm Warning
4xx Four Point Shot
4xx Murder 101
4xx Real Deal
4xx Dead End on Blank Street
406 The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg

If the episode is starred, then I've read the transcripts and watched the ep enough to add it to the facts lists. Other
information has been added as I find it.

(know where I can get more info? Please tell me )  And now on with the factoids.

                                       Main Characters

Detective James J Ellison

Blair J Sandburg

Captain Simon Banks

                                    Major Crimes Department

Captain Joel Taggart
Detective Henry Brown
Detective Rafe

Darryl Banks

Naomi Sandburg

Joan Banks

This is my listing of the people who keep showing up on a regular basis, are part of the Major Crimes Crew but aren't necessarily there every episode, are family members... stuff like that. It's growing but slowly.

                                       Sentinel Guests

This is my listing of guests, whether they are the current "Babe of the Week", victim or just someone making the mistake of visiting Cascade. Have you noticed how many guests on this show end up dead? Makes you wonder if you'd ever
visit Cascade "The Most Dangerous City in America".  

Season 1   Season 2   Season 3

Sentinel Villains: Past, Present and Future

The titles say it all, these are my listing of the villains that have appeared on The Sentinel. Some are from the past, usually Jim Ellison's past but occassionally Simon Banks' too. Some have died and won't be coming back to haunt the guys... at least I hope not. Others have been sent away to languish in jail and may omeday, return to cause havok and mayhem.

Those are the future ones. Can you hear the plot bunnies building?

Villains Season 1   Villains Season 2   Villains Season 3