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Ronnee's Page of Sentinel Guests

This is thelist of all the visitors, guests, and other folks who show up on the Sentinel's first season. At this point I'm staying with the canon ones, whether they are in the scripts, transcripts or actually make a splash on the show. While
victims are also listed here, it may be easier for you to find them at my Victims page. If the person is a minor chararcator (ie: they are either there a lot or mentioned a lot) they are at the Other Staff page. If you have any I missed, please let me know.


                                     season 1 episode 01

Colonel Winters
     Special Forces Colonel at Camp Bragg, NC. He arranges for the Search
     and Rescue team to go to the Peruvian rain forest in search of ODA 731.

Captain Mathis
     Ranger who leads the Search and Rescue team that goes to Peru for the
     missing ODA 731 team. He is the one who notices Jim's reactions to things
     before anyone else does.

Dr. McCoy
     Doctor at Cascade General Hospital who ran tests on Jim for his sensory
     spikes. His id was swiped by Sandburg so the young man could get to see the


                                    season 1 episode 02

Gov. Donna Matthews
     Governor of the state of Washington (fictional). Tries to hold out against
     demands of the Sunrise Patriots.

Vera, last name unknown
     clerk in personnel department who handles incoming paperwork. Wears 'White
     Shoulders' perfume and reminds Jim of his grandmother

Tom Goldfeather
     Owner of the coffee shop across from the Central Precinct station. Knows Jim,
     Simon and Carolyn well enough to leave them minding his shop. According to
     the script, he is a full blooded Yakima Indian.

Captain Lomax
     (not seen)Head of Tacoma Special Task force. Gov. Matthews planned on
     sending him from Tacoma to Cascade in an attempt to handle the situation
     with Kincaid and the Sunrise Patriots.

Sergeant Howard
     (not seen)A member of the Cascade PD who everyone from the Central
     Precinct recognizes. He is the person all the PD personnel are ordered to
     meet at the Wiseman Water Reclamation Plant.


                                     season 1 episode 03

Officer Daniel Choi
     An undercover officer in the O'toole crime organization, Officer Choi dies early
     in the show. When Jim Ellison was in college he became young Choi's mentor.
     When Choi decided to become a police officer, Ellison helped him into and
     through the academy. Ellison was Choi's outside contact while he was
     undercover. He died in Ellison's arms at one of their meetings. Killed by the
   Juno Brothers.

Beverly Sanchez
     Assistant DA for Cascade. Originally from Tacoma. Targetted by O'Toole and
     the Juno brothers. Disbelieves Jim's abilities.

Judge Perlman
     Gives Sanchez and the PD a warrant to arrest for Tommy Juno's arrest.
     Becomes furious when it appears that Jim faked his testimony (sentinel
     senses allowed him to see Juno 200 yds away in the dark) and orders Juno

Samantha Parks
     Socialite who was Tommy (or was it Dylan) Juno's alibi at a Cascade Arts
     benefit when Choi was murdered.

Ray Kaminski
     Owner of the SKB Freight Company. He is blackmailed into giving O'Toole
    25% of his freight company to protect his 3-year-old child. He warns Jim and
    Blair that Beverly Sanchez is the next target.

Stanley Boyle
     (not seen) a freind or associate of the Juno brothers. Is spoken to via cell
     phone while Jim has Juno under surveillance.

                                         The Debt
                                    season 1 episode 04

Antoine Hollins
     Leader of the Dueces, he was murdered by Levon Maxwell in an attempt to
     start a war between the 357's and the Dueces. A long time friend of Earl
     Gaines, he straightened Gaines out when he first returned to the streets
     after blowing out his knee play pro football. He encouraged Gaines to join the
     Cascade PD. He was instrumental in keeping the gang truce alive.

Maurice Brown
     member of the 357's, killed by renegade under Lt.Williams' orders at crack lab.
Eldridge Wardell
     member of the 357's, killed by renegade under Lt.Williams' orders at crack lab.
Byron Walker
     member of the 357's, killed by renegade under Lt.Williams' orders at crack lab.
Darnell DeVane
     member of the 357's, killed by renegade under Lt.Williams' orders at crack lab.
Vernon Summs
     member of the 357's, killed by renegade under Lt.Williams' orders at crack lab.

Larry the Barbary Ape
     Subject of one of Sanburg's sociology experiments. The study was into the
    effects of TV violence on primates.   The results? Jim's loft destroyed twice.

Earl Gaines
     A member of the Cascade PD's gang unit. He once was a a varsity football
     player but when he blew out his knee, he returned to Cascade. Under Antoine's
     influence he cleaned up his act and joined the PD. He was set up by LT.
     Williams for the murders of the 357's as well as theft, drug dealing and
     evidence tampering. With the assistance of Jim and Simon, he was cleared of
     all charges.

Mrs. Lila LaCrois
     Earl Gaines' nearly blind grandmother, she was a friend of Antoine. She
     refused to leave her home even when threatened by the 357's.

Tyrell Lang
     Leader of the 357's, he helped keep the truce along with Hollins. When
     pushed, he gave Ellison and the PD time to solve the murders.

                                    season 1 episode 05

Christine Hong
     A friend of Blair's from the University, she was dating him when the Cypher
    case began. She gets blamed by Blair for the information leak about the case.

Don Haas
     KCDE new reporter. He haunted the police station for information regarding
     the Cypher murders. He was being fed information by Lash.

Adam Walker
     A 36 year old handicapped drug dealer with a well established drug rap sheet,
    he was Lash's first victim in Cascade.

Billy Bright
     A 20 year old underground musician, he was Lash's second victim in
    Cascade. He played drums in a band that frequented Club Doom.

Susan Frasier
     A young woman whose death confirms to the Cascade PD that they have a
     serial killer in the area. She was Lash's third victim. According to forensics she
     was dead 12 hours before her 911 call was made. The discovery of her body
     gives Blair flashbacks and nightmares.

Dr. Anthony Bates
     A profiler and criminal forensic psychiatrist for the San Francisco division of
     the FBI, he was Lash's case psychiatrist at Watsonville. He was Lash's fourth
     victim in Cascade or was he really the first? Actually the first victim, but found

Wayne Underwood
     Junkie paid by Lash to stalk the Maritime Museum. He was arrested on
     suspicion of being the real Lash.

Mr. Lash (Sr)
     David Lash's father. A chronic chain smoker, he is not the nicest of men. He
     believes and implies that Lash strangled brother Jimmy and pet duck Horace.
     He states quite bluntly that even as a child Davey was 'odd' and should have
     been the one to die. He implies that his ex-wife, who got custody of Davey,
     abused their son (if only through neglect) but he did nothing to protect him.

Mrs. Lash
     David Lash's mother. Not seen. Her favorite color was yellow. She was known
     to leave Davey locked in a single room while she was out with her boyfriends.
    She was also known to scrub him with hot water until his skin was red. Very little
    actually is known about her.

                                        Night Train
                                     season 1 episode 06

Isabel Kane
     Oregon defense attorney for Derek Wilson. She pushed hard for his place in
      the witness relocation program.

Thomas, no last name given
     Someone in Central Precinct, Simon seems to know him on a first name

Mike, no last name given
     Patrolman who drives Jim and Blair to the plane that was taking them to meet
     Wilson's train. The two know each other well enough for them make jokes at
     Blair's expense along the road.

Doctor on train
     No name was given for the doctor. He saw Jim at Cascade general for his
     hearing problems the previous summer (Seige?). Jim decked him upon
     regaining consciousness. Doctor contemplates suing Ellison.

2 guards
     no names given for these officers. They are members of the Oregon State
     Police who escorted Wilson to the state line.

     No name given. When he sees Jim climbing back onto the train, he decks him
     and knocks him out.

Bobby, no last name given
     Train engineer. Taken hostage by the gunmen and forced to run the train
     through the State Police blockade.

                                       season 1 episode 07

Dr. Sonia Price
     Biomedical researcher with connections to the CDC who was working with a
     virulent Ebola strain (higher mortality rate than the Meyinga strain).

Jack Kelso
     Currently working as a professor of foreign affairs at Rainier, Kelso is an ex
     CIA agent. He wrote an expose on the excesses of CIA ops. He still has many
     contacts in the CIA. Gives files on Bracket to Ellison.

                                       Love and Guns
                                     season 1 episode 08

Sal, last name unknown
     One of Jim's steadier informants. He was encouraged by Agent Brennan's
     overly generous cash incentive to push too hard for information about the
     Carasco gunrunning scheme. He was killed by Vargas under Carasco's

Maya Carasco
     Daughter of Hector Carasco, student at Rainier University, she worked as an
     assistant to Dr Kingsford until he transferred her to Blair. She refused to
     believe in her father's complicity in the gun smuggling case, instead she    
     revealed that Blair was working for the PD. Although she fell in love with Blair,
     she leaves him for Chile after her father's arrest, blaming him for it. (see also
     entry in Second Chance, Season 2)

Dr. Kingsford
     (not seen). A professor at Rainier, he transfers Maya over to Blair as an
     assistant as a favor to the Cascade PD.

Agent Drennan
     ATF agent with a chip on her shoulder, she believes that Federal agents are
     better than local police and earns the hostility of both Ellison and Banks. She
     blames herself for the death of her partner during a shoot out over a year
     before the Carasco case takes place.

Officer Delcago
     (not seen)Rookie cop who went through the academy with Jim. He was killed
     by an escaped felon at a fender bender. Jim killed(? not clear) the felon, but
     still felt responsible for Delgado's death although there was no warning and  
     nothing he could have done.

                                     season 1 episode 09

Jewelers, name unknown
     Pair of elderly jewelers who had their office on the 30th floor as an attempt to
     help prevent theft. Cantankerous (but amusing) men who question every move
     made by the police at the crime scene.

Calli, last name unknown
     She was involved with Bruce McCarthy. Hostess of Chatfields Restaurant.
     Died in exploding Porsche, courtesy Laura McCarthy.

Unnamed security guard
     Never given a name during the ep, this security guard died in the fire that
     resulted from a heist of over $1 million in cut gems. The McCarthy brothers
     believed that his death was due to Laura's incompetence when she blew the
     safe. Maybe it was accidental.

                                      Vows of Silence
                                     season 1 episode 10

Brother Anthony
     The real Brother Anthony, an ex-varsity basketball player from Indiana was
     killed by the mob hitman before his arrival at St. Sebastian's.

Brother Timothy
     Youngest of the monks at St. Sebastian's, he was murdered by the mob
     hitman. He was under a vow of silence.

Brother Christopher
     Monk who drove the bus to and from St. Sebastian's, he wanted to be a
     mystery writer. Before becoming a monk he was a life insurance salesman.
     Due to his curiosity, he was the mob hitman's third victim.

Brother Marcus
     Monk who repaired old stained glass windows. Also an old friend of
     Sandburg's. Before he became a monk, he was Jackie Kozinski, a corrupt
     union official. He ran the midwest unions during the 70's... using his union ties
     to cover his racketeering, extorsion and other enterprises. He turned states
     evidence for the Feds and disappeared.  Presumably he was executed for
     betraying the mob.

Brother Jeremy
     Abbot of St. Sebastian's. He knew the original identities of all of the lay
     brothers. He knew Marcus' real identity and still kept it a secret even when
     threatened with the distruction of the monastery. A firm believer in non-
     violence, he used a shovel to knock out the mob boss who had Blair and Jim at
     gun point.

Brother Theodore
     One of the lay brothers at St. Sebastians.

Sharon, no last name given
     Woman who called Jim's cell phone after he arrived at St. Sebastians's. They
     made a date while on that particular call, or at least it appears they did. She is
     never seen.

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