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This is not quite ATF Magnificent Seven Stuff and yet it is not Magnificent Seven original stuff either.  Maybe it will go somewhere. Maybe not.

As always, the main characters are not mine.  The guys from the Magnificent Seven belong to their creators (Ran was the first of the M7 series, followed by Magnificent Seven withYul Brenner, followed by Magnificent Seven with Michael Beihn).  At this point I believe TNT, Turner Productions, and MGM own the Magnificent Seven (sorry, I got lost trying to back track this one).

This author only borrows the characters in the sincerest of bardic traditions, to spin tales and weave tapestries of adventure with them.  No money was made in the storytelling, nor was there any profit involved.

Rhapsody:  A dedication to Josiah Sanchez.  Written for Maggie in sincere appreciation. 02 July 2001

Saga of the Blood: Beginnings.  A "Brothers" Alternate Universe.  What if Lincoln Larabee had been as prolific as Buck is amorous? What if all the gentlemen of the show were related.  This is my take of how it all started.