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My Airwolf Site

Do you remember Airwolf? Do you remember Stringfellow Hawke, the eagle's cry, a lone mournful bit of music on the cello? Do you remember a feisty Italian by the name of Dominic Santini, his semi-successful flight school/air company? How about a spunky, troublemaking Texas helicopter pilot named Caitlyn O'Shaunessy? What about Michael Colesmith-Briggs the Third, the infamous Archangel, and his angels?

Well, if you do, you remember Airwolf.  Or the first three seasons.  I never saw season Four but I know it had Saint John Hawke returning from Viet Nam, Archangel's successor, Dominic's nephew and Caitlyn.  One of these days I'll even find copies of it and see that season.  ::sigh of frustration::

              Yes, I'm still in the process of moving the site. Nope, no fanfic for this one yet. Working on it though.