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From the Watcher Archives:

Throughout the ages there have been those of whom legends are made. These men and women who by their very lives and the deeds they do become the heroes and monsters of mankind. Over the ages, humans have told the stories of these legendary people. The legends were gathered together by bards and storytellers, by teachers and priests. And as the tales were memorized, and eventually recorded, we came into being.

We watch, we observer, we DO NOT interfere with the legends we see come into being.  That is anathema.

The men and women who we watch, whose actions we record, they are immortal. They cannot die, not by normal means. They only die when their heads are removed from their bodies. Then their strength, their memories, their abilities are passed to the Immortal who took their life. They call it the Game. And in the end, there can be only ONE.

We do not know where they originated. We do not know what god cursed them or blessed with existance.  We only know that the legends say they always been with us.  Always.

Every culture has its heroes whom their gods blessed with long life, unusual healing abilities, strength beyond mortal strength.  In every culture, in every heroic epic they pit themselves against the evil ones  brought forth by the enemy, whether that enemy is a devil, a demon, a monster, another people's evil magic.  They do not always win, the legends tell us that. So do our histories.  And the way our histories  seem to corroborate the legends makes me wonder. How many legends are really the tales of the

Over the years, this archive has been neglected. Our best translator died, only to come back to life as  one of the Immortals of whom we write. Nowadays, I work here forgotten by the more active Watchers who follow their charges around the world.

Here in this archive, we are trying to reconstruct the poorest of the manuscripts. We have lost too many of the oral tales and their original sources. Now we are losing the oldest manuscripts due to time, illegibility, the inability to translate the languages.

A very long time ago, Metho's was their only hope. Now he is their only chance. Written 1998