Fan Fic Universes:

What is fan fic?

Fan Fic is short for fan fiction. Fan fiction is the fiction, whether it is a short story, a poem, a vignette, a novella, a treatise, artwork, or a comedy based on a show we've seen.  Some fanfiction is based off of movies (Star Wars, Aliens, the Hobbit).  Some is based on TV series. (The Sentinel, Man from U.N.C.L.E., A-Team)  Some is based on books (I found Harry Potter just the other day!)

It is our way of praising the original author... we've found the world he or she created to be exciting, intreguing, enjoyable enough that we want it to continue on. So we write, draw, sing more episodes, new chapters, new scenes for it.  We take our favorite characters and place them into new worlds, new universes, new situations.

The most important part of the whole?

We all love fan fiction.  We all read it. We all write it, at least in our imagination. So, here I am hosting some written to share.  Most of it is from the Sentinel
fandom. There may be other fandoms coming, and then again, there may not. If you want to see what we've written, click on the name.  For those who are adventurous, I've linked the other fandoms here too.

Would you like a place to host your fiction? If you want a home, I volunteer to give it space. ;-) We're always looking for new neighbors and new fic.  I know the ladies like company. Maybe we can fill the site? Want to help try?